PTFE Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine

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PTFE Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine

Corrugated PTFE Hose Making Machine Features:380V, 1.5KW, Frequency Control, For the production of the outer diameter of the OD of 10mm to 50mm, Wallthickness 1-2MM PTFE convoluted hose. PTFE convoluted hose machine adopts imported heater, the heating temperature can be precisely + -1 degree, a person canoperate two machines, In case 16/18 PTFE convoluted hose hourly capacity of 15-35 meters.

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Corrugated PTFE Hose Making Machine Features:

ü  Power  Consumption: 380V, 1.5KW.

ü  Frequency Control, for the adjustment of  OD: 10mm to 50mm.

ü  Wall thickness: 1-2 mm PTFE convoluted hose.

ü  Imported heating system is used.

ü  heating temperature precision: + -1 degree.

ü  Single  person can operate two machines.

ü  In case 16/18 PTFE convoluted hose hourly capacity of 15-35 meters.

Equipment Accessories Details:

ü  A main engine.

ü   host of supporting tail stock.

ü  10 special bracket of PTFE convoluted hose for the production.

ü  30 with the following specifications bellows mold set.

Corrugated PTFE Hose Making Machine Features

ü  To absorb effectively vibration, noise, thermal expansion from pipeline system.

ü  To resolve minor deviation because of piping connecting and eliminate the pipeline residual stress.

ü  Applied to repeated motion in high temperature areas, good anti-fatigue performance.

ü  Good flexibility, resistant to high temperature, resistant to corrosion.

ü  Applied in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, aerospace, metallurgy, electricity, gas, building, mechanical, construction, iron and steel, paper making, fabric, medicine, food and vessels etc.


PTFE Convoluted Hose Characteristics

PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) has the lowest coefficient of friction of any material known to man. PTFE tubing features unmatched chemical resistance and a non-stick surface that facilitates flow and eliminates media buildup.

One key important advantage of PTFE convoluted hose is its operating temperature range, it can easily out perform other engineering plastics by being able to perform continuously at-250°C, right up to an amazing 250°C. Another important advantage of PTFE is its outstanding co-efficient of friction, PTFE convoluted hose is in the record books as having one of the lowest friction values known to man.

PTFE convoluted hose also has excellent acid and chemical resistance. Another feature of PTFE convoluted hose is its ability to set by or due to compression. PTFE convoluted hose has excellent electrical resistance. PTFE convoluted hose is also water repellent and is often used in the manufacture of modern high performing, water repellent and breath able clothing.


PTFE Convoluted Hose Applications

PTFE convoluted hose is excellent for low friction bearings, bushes, rollers and pulleys. PTFE convoluted hose is also almost exclusively used in cryogenic components due to its ultralow operating temperatures. PTFE convoluted hose is regularly used for seals. PTFE convoluted hose has become a very important engineering plastic used within the aerospace industry and aeronautics. PTFE convoluted hose is often used within the food industry companies. Another useful application over the years has been in the use of product or component handles due to its resistance to heat and heat transfer. When an application for electrical resistance becomes too high for other materials, PTFE convoluted hose can fill a very important gap.

ü  Virgin Polytetrafluoroethylene resin ƒ

ü  Chemically inert ƒ

ü  Lowest coefficient of friction ƒ

ü  Superior dielectric strength ƒ

ü  Exceptional heat resistance ƒ

ü  Self extinguishing ƒ

ü  Non-wetting ƒ

ü   Excellent flex life ƒ

ü  Laser mark able



ü  Cable Liner ƒ

ü  Electrical Insulation ƒ

ü  Oxygen Sensor ƒ

ü  Paint Transfer ƒ

ü  Gas Sampling ƒ

ü  Laboratory

Technical Data:

Pipe Diameter DN1/2-32inch
Pipe Material SS304,316L,etc
Pipe thickness 0.18-2.0mm
Braided mesh material SS304 etc
Braided mesh layer single layer or double layers
Max. woking pressure 10Mpa
Working temperature (-196)~(+700) °c
Connect type flange,thread,welded.etc
Standard ANSI,JIS,DIN,GOST,etc
Flange material stainless steel or carbon steel
Pipe assembly length according to clients’ requirements

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