Six PTFE special ovens ordered by Belgian customers have been produced and ready for shipment.

After careful consideration by many parties, the customer finally decide to order 6 sets of special PTFE ovens in our company. 

The ovens have been produced and ready for delivery. Our company can produce various types of ovens and sintering furnaces such as high temperature oven, PTFE oven, natural gas sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, stainless steel oven, PTFE rotary sintering furnace, trailer type sintering furnace and so on. Our oven has double safety system, program control, automatic temperature rise and cooling, can set 56 section temperature, with time control and ultra-high temperature double safety protection, good insulation performance, uniform furnace temperature, sintering curve, timing value and temperature can be set. value. The working temperature error in the furnace is ±1 °C, and there is no error within 1000 hours of operation. The inside of the hearth and the turntable made of stainless steel will not rust.

Post time: Feb-23-2017