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  • PTFE Microporous Membrane Production Line

    PTFE Microporous Membrane Production Line

    The porous PTFE hollow fiber membrane is prepared by extrusion-stretching method, and the preparation process includes compounding, extrusion spinning, uniaxial stretching and sintering. The fully mixed polytetrafluoroethylene material is pre-pressed on a compacting machine to form a cylindrical blank. The preformed blank is extruded and spun at 40-100°C. After degreasing and heat-setting, a polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fiber membrane was obtained. The degreasing temperature is 200-340℃, t...
  • PTFE Plastic Paste Extruder Machine

    PTFE Plastic Paste Extruder Machine

    Plastic PTFE Paste Machine Features: ü  Adopt adjustable speed to accommodate pitch ,no need to change gear while operation; ü  High productive efficiency ; production rate is three times higher than present usual machine per hour ,the max production reach to 98m/hour; ü  Low noise ,transmission and pulling system adopt absorbing sound ,reducing shake and inserting equipment; ü  Easy maintenance ,transmission flexible, structure easy install and remove. ü  More friendly to environment: no PTF...
  • PTFE Film Skiving Machine BXQ1120/8

    PTFE Film Skiving Machine BXQ1120/8

    Workflow Put the sintered PTFE rod billet through iron shaft and fix it in skiving machine. Initial setup after lockout. Set speed according to diameter and thickness of PTFE rod. Adjust rotary cutter. Verify error after jogging rotary cutting. Turn to auto mode after confirming thickness requirement.Spindle rotates and rotary cutter feeds vertically.   PTFE Film Skiving Machine Features: ü  Anti-voltage intensity ü  High breakdown voltage ü  Adjustable temperature ability ü  Chemical...
  • PTFE Gaskets Press Moulding Machine

    PTFE Gaskets Press Moulding Machine

    Gaskets Press Machine Features: ü  Efficiently producing: 300pieces/h(large size) ü  More energy saving: the total power only 5KW ü  More friendly to environment: no PTFE powder splashing but powder output automatically ü  Intelligent control : producing gaskets by controlling the power quantity ü  More time saving : the power cut off automatically while the production number set up ü  Longer working life : no heat while working. ü  high quality components used.   Industrial Application...
  • SYH-50 Three-Dimensional Mixer

    SYH-50 Three-Dimensional Mixer

    Working Principle: The mixing barrel is suspended at the end of the main and driven axles through two Y-type universal joints. The two universal joints intersect and perpendicular to each other in space. When the drive shaft is dragged and rotated, the cardan envoy barrel moves repeatedly in space, such as translation, rotation and roll. Material in the cylinder is followed by three-dimensional compound movement in the axial, radial and circumferential directions. Many kinds of materials in t...
  • 6 Barrel Powder Mixer

    6 Barrel Powder Mixer

    1. Equipped with six 10L / 2-3KG mixing barrels at a time, and rotate at the same time as the revolution, 30 revolutions per minute and 40 rotation per minute. 2. Steering and speed can be adjusted according to technical requirements, with 1.5kw 2P reduction motor. 3. Configure the emergency stop switch, set the process timer. 4. Configure 10 plastic mixing buckets with a capacity of 10L. ​5. 380V 50Hz 3P.
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